At LPA, we recognize the importance and benefit of concise, well coordinated designs and are pleased to offer Building Information Modeling (BIM) to our clients. As your BIM-fluent design partner, projects requiring Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) can be pursued with confidence.

Unlike conventional, two-dimensional design, BIM enables design teams a unique opportunity – a futuristic perspective of proposed building systems and their interoperability with architectural and structural elements. What does this mean? – Unprecedented design coordination across trades and fewer conflicts in the field.

With IPD, your construction documents exceed typical deliverables. If you are seeking a design team with real world BIM experience, let the building modeling team at LPA take you on a virtual tour of your mechanical system before the first piece of equipment arrives on site. Take a glimpse into mechanical rooms and above ceilings for views previously unavailable prior to project completion. With BIM, the future is yours today!